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How to run a refrigerator on an inverter?

Most household refrigerators are operated over alternating current and require a constant power source to run. Nowadays most refrigerator comes with advanced inverter technology that helps to save power with high efficiency. This helps the refrigerator to minimize the usage of electricity by consuming more power only when needed and running on the lowest power…
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Why is my Dishwasher leaving Grit after a wash

Does your dishwasher leave some particles of sand or stones on your dishes after being washed? We have an explanation for this problem which is very common in dishwashers. When the dishes are not being cleaned properly at a normal temperature, the dishwasher itself tries to clean the dishes at a higher temperature which burns…
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A Brief History of the Refrigerator

Nowadays refrigerators have become so common that we don’t even wonder about its origins. Before refrigerators were invented, people used to keep their food items in the ice houses to keep them fresh. These ice houses were mostly situated close to water bodies preferrable lakes and rivers and were filled with ice during the winter…
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Ever wondered how an electric microwave works? Let’s find out.

Every single house nowadays have a microwave. Some have expensive ones while some just use simple one to warm their food. But, how it is originated, how it works and how to increase it’s efficiency, these are the questions that really come in mind of curious people. So do not worry as this article will…
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