Ever wondered how an electric microwave works? Let’s find out.

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Ever wondered how an electric microwave works? Let’s find out.


Every single house nowadays have a microwave. Some have expensive ones while some just use simple one to warm their food. But, how it is originated, how it works and how to increase it’s efficiency, these are the questions that really come in mind of curious people. So do not worry as this article will help you to get the answers of your questions. Just read this article and then you will become an expert of microwave. Let’s start.


One day a young scientist was just passing by near the microwave radar then he noticed that the chocolate kept in his pocket started melting. The name of that scientist was Percy Spencer. He then thought that the microwave can not only protect us from Invaders but it can also be used to cook foods.

The discovery was purely accidental and it was a revolutionary invention . The first thing Spencer cooked in his microwave was “popcorn”. Raytheon was the company in which Spencer worked and taking advantage the company patented this innovative discovery. The main procedure occuring inside of a microwave is that the flow of heat and conduction of heat in food items. There are 3 ways through which heat can transfered from one body to another.

Conduction, convention and radiation.

In conduction, it is like when two body come in contact with one another. For example, when you touch hot cup through your hand. Convection, when heat is transfered by a medium ( air, water etc). Radiations, means the energy is transfered through direct heating and after a few times the food cooks evenly . For example, the warmth of sun can be sensed millions of kilometers away on this Earth by people.

Why microwaves? There are other types of waves also present.

One may ask that there many waves present or generated in our world but why we only use microwave for our need?. The energy of any EMW increases as it’s frequency increases. So, why can’t we use infrared or ultraviolet rays to cook our foods? The answer is that the penetration power of microwave is more than any EMW. it reaches to water molecule present inside the food which gains energy and then produce heat due to which our food get cooked.

There are radio waves also available to us then why can we use them? This is also a good question to ask for. The answer is that the radiowaves was used to cook food even before the use of microwave! But due to concern of communication degradation it is not in use nowadays.

It can interfere with other radiowaves and making the system very confusing.

The food which your going to cook in your oven should be water rich. There are fats and many substances which take time to cooked. Remember that microwave ovens are constructed in a way that allows no waves to escape them, so the reflected energy bounces off the walls and is re-reflected by the metal bowl. What ensues is the greenhouse effect: the energy accumulates and causes the temperature inside the oven to reach dangerous levels, which could eventually cause the oven to explode in your face.

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