Why is my Dishwasher leaving Grit after a wash

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Why is my Dishwasher leaving Grit after a wash

Does your dishwasher leave some particles of sand or stones on your dishes after being washed? We have an explanation for this problem which is very common in dishwashers.

When the dishes are not being cleaned properly at a normal temperature, the dishwasher itself tries to clean the dishes at a higher temperature which burns the leftover food particles on the dishes which takes the form of dust particles on the dishes.

There are many other reasons due to which there are particles of dust, sand and stone on your dishes which includes shorter cycles of wash, the temperature of the water might be low, there are possibilities that the detergent used in the dishwasher is not of good quality.

Before you decide to call an engineer to look into the matter, there are some basic steps/ precautions that you can follow:

● Make sure that the dishwasher filter does not have any leftover food particles stuck in it.

● Make sure that the detergent used in the dishwasher is of good quality as it is mentioned in the manual provided.

● Do not increase the pace of the dishwasher in case there are plenty of dishes that need to be washed.

● The dishwasher needs to be loaded in the correct manner, the dishes are to be placed at the levels on which they are meant to be placed.

● Make sure that the spray arms of the dishwasher are not being blocked by any residues of the food.

● The spray arms of the dishwasher should be clear and clean so that there are no blockages.

The water that is supplied to the dishwasher should be of normal temperature and should not be hot as hot water would reduce the life cycle of the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is running with hot water this would lead to a higher amount of dust particles present in the dishes and the wash cycle also starts decreasing. In this case, even if the detergent provided is of good quality the dishwasher would still give a poor wash.

Once the dishwasher is being switched on do not try to add more dishes in the middle of the wash cycle and wait for the first cycle to complete. After following the above-mentioned steps if you still find the dust particles on the washed dishes there are chances that the recirculating pump of the dishwasher is faulty.

There are some dishwasher in which even if the water supply is cold, the dishwasher heats the water at a high temperature which again deteriorates the life cycle of the dishwasher, the heating of water will again lead to poor washing results of the dishes. It is suggested to call for an engineer this time who can better investigate the dishwasher.

A dishwasher is a great device which saves much time and energy. In order to keep your dishwasher function smoothly, you must keep your dishwasher clean, cleaning the dishwasher once in a month is more than enough. Following the instructions that are mentioned in the manual would help you in the proper functioning of your dishwasher.

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