How Composting Helps Reduce Waste

Compositing is the process where different decaying organic materials undergo a chemical process. When this happens the result is a product which is ideal for fertilizing soil.

Compositing is not complicated and anyone can do it at home.

Here are reasons why to compost;

  • It reduces waste. When you compost, organic waste which would go into the trash ends up in your compost, reducing your trash by 25 – 50%. When organic waste goes into a landfill, it produces methane gas which is one of the most potent greenhouse gases.
  • Compost is great for your lawn and plants. Applying compost to soil add nutrients to the soil which is great for healthy plants. It works by;
    • Increasing organic matter in the soil
    • It makes clay soil more airy and helps it drain better
    • It makes soil easier to crumble and dig
    • It helps improve the ph. balance of soil
    • It helps plants absorb nutrients already in the soil
    • Adds additional nutrients to the soil

Compositing helps conserve the environment by soaking up water and then slowly releasing it to plants. This means you won’t have to water the plants as frequently while ensuring they still remain healthy. Thick compost also prevents water from evaporating from the soil.

Compositing helps keep organic material from landfills which leads to reduction of methane gas which is harmful to the environment.

By compositing, you reduce the amount of trash you remove and this could reduce your trash bill. It also reduces the cost of buying fertilizers and other products you might need to ensure your garden and plans stay healthy.

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Compositing is an easy way to make use of organic material while ensuring your plants remain healthy. It helps conserve the environment by keeping organic material from landfills and it can save you cash too.

By Vonvil Junk Ltd.